Gyeongin Ara Waterway

▲Ara Waterway & Waterfall

Ara Waterway flows downstream of the Hangang River to the West Sea. 
In the 13th century, King Gojong, the twenty-sixth king of the Korean Joseon dynasty started the waterway construction for the first time, but it was discontinued due to technical obstacles and the difficult state of the country. 

In 2011, Ara Wateway was finally completed. Along the main waterway are ports and water bridges. and people can enjoy the parkways and Ara-rium.

▲Ara Maru

It is located45m above the water.It is a circular observatory famous for its glass floor.

▲Ara Observation Tower

Located on the 23rd floor, you will be able to see all the way up to Gyeongin Port.

▲Ara Cycle Path

This cycle path is about 19.05km and it takes approximately 2 hoursfrom this Ara cycle path to thefloodgate of Han river. You are able to rent a bike at Gimpo and Incheon, Gyeyang.

Entrance Fee : Free
1, 77, 903(Seo-gu community health Center) and so on
Cityhall station (Incheon Metro Line #1) transfer to bus(1, 111-2, 302)
Gyeongin-ro → Gyeongin Expressway → Seogot-ro
Reference :
• Culture and Sports Dept. Culture and Tourism Team at Dong-gu Office 032-770-6100
• Culture and Sports Dept. Museum Team 032-770-6130

Gyeongin Ara Waterway

Ara Waterway

Ara Waterfall – Ara Maru–Ara Observation Tower – Yacht Dock – Ara Cycle Path

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